17th          Men’s Golf Breakfast 8am  Make your own Foursome
            Format- Team point quota
20th      Wednesday Night League begins 5:30 shotgun
30th      Spring Fling Tee Times   course open
31st      Spring Fling shotgun start 8:30am course open

7th        Old Pal Golf Breakfast 7:30am  27 Holes course open
12th       JW Gitt Men’s Open 12:00 Shotgun course closed
13th      JW Gitt Men’s Open 9am shotgun course closed
14th       JW Gitt Men’s Open 9am shotgun course open @ 2pm
20th      Progressive Golf & Dinner Event  4:30pm shotgun course open
22nd      Hanover Country Club Senior Invitational9am shotgun course closed until 3pm
25th      Hanover Ladies Association Invitational 9am shotgun course closed until 2:30pm
27th-28th    Hanover Country Club Senior Championship Tee Times  course open     

1st          No League
3-4-5   Hanover Country Club Grandfather’s Tournament course open 
12        Men’s & Ladies  Golf Breakfast 8am Make your own Foursome
            Format 1 Best Odd 2 Best Even
16th          Men’s One Day Member Guest 1:00pm  Shotgun
18th      Men’s Championship Flight  Qualifier  Tee Times course open
19th      1st Round Club Championship course open
25th      Semi-Finals Club Championship Tee Times course open
26th      Men’s & Ladies Finals…Followed by Celebration & Social 4-5:30pm All are Welcome
2nd       Parent/Child 2pm Shotgun
8th        Men’s Member – Member    8:45 Shotgun 27 Holes course open
10th      HCC Ladies Senior Invitational 9am shotgun
15th      Raven’s-Steeler’s Golf Event course closed after 2pm
16th      Men’s Golf Breakfast 8am Format 2 Best Scores Gross or Net  course open
19th      Last Wednesday Night League
21st      Appalachian Brewing Company Golf Event make your own foursome/enjoy
             tastings while playing 5:30pm shotgun
23rd      Husband & Wife & Couples Championship   2:00pm shotgun course closed after 2
27th      Men’s One Day Member – Guest  Bring 1:00 pm Shotgun
30th      Mixed Couples Event 2pm Shotgun


4th -7th                 President’s Cup 2 rounds course open
8th -10th   Course Closed-Aerification
26th          Ryder cup Open to Men’s & Ladies Tee times course open
27th          Ryder Cup 9am Shotgun course open


3rd          Fall Classic course closed
4th        Fall Classic course open @ 3pm
18th      Men’s Golf Breakfast 8:30am
            Format 6-6-6
19th      Hanover Country Club Senior Better Ball of Partner’s Invitational 9:30am shotgun


8th       Polar Bear Golf Breakfast Scramble 8:30am


29th      Gettysburg Orange & Blue Outing  7:30-1pm shotgun course open


15th      East Berlin Community Center 9:00 shotgun course closed  until 1pm
18        Hanover YMCA 12:30pm shotgun course closed 12:30-6pm
19th      LIU Golf Outing 11:30am shotgun course open
22nd     HCC Senior Invitational 9:00am shotgun   
25th      Ladies Invitational 9am shotgun course closed until 3pm
26th      St. Joe’s Outing 1:30 shotgun course closed 1-6


  6th    Prison Ministry Outing tee times a 8:30amcourse open at 1pm
 10th     West York Boosters Scramble Golf Outing 1pm shotgun course open
12th        PA Amputee Open 1:30pm shotgun course open
13th      PA Amputee Open 8:30am shotgun
20th      WYCAGA Ladies Outing 9am shotgun course closed until 3pm
27th      Hoffman Homes  12:30pm shotgun course closed
30th     Lions Club Golf 12:30 shotgun   course closed 12:30-5:30pm

1st        Spring Grove Scholarship 2:00pm shotgun course closed 2-7pm
3rd        Victory Golf Pass Outing course open 1:00pm
5th        Spatz Group 8:30am shotgun course open
6th        Arcadian Club tee times course open
7th             UPMC Golf Outing course closed
10th      HCC Ladies Senior Invitational 9:00am shotgun course closed until 3:30pm
13th      Children’s Aid Outing 2pm shotgun course open
15th      Ravens – Steelers Outing   2:00pm shotgun course closed   2pm- closing
17th      HCC Senior Invitational 12 player scramble 9am shotgun course closed until 3pm
22nd      New Oxford Cheerleader Outing   2:00 shotgun   course closed 2pm-closing
24th      Free State Seniors 11am shotgun  course closed until 6pm
29th      Hanover Booster 2:00pm shotgun


5th        Gettysburg Women Golf tee times at 11am course open
18th      Dave Meckley Memorial Outing course open 12:30 shotgun
21st      SCCAP   Outing   9:00am shotgun course closed 9-3pm
24th      Spring Grove High School Match 1:30pm shotgun course open
25th      York YMCA 12:30 shotgun  course closed   12:30-6pm
28th      PCA Golf Outing 1:00pm shotgun course closed  1pm-close

1st        Gettysburg Legion Golf 9:00am shotgun course open
6th        Gettysburg Men’s college Invitational 12:30pm shotgun course open
9th        St. Theresa of Calcutta 9:00am shotgun course open
12th      Make a Wish Golf Outing course closed
19th      Hanover Senior Invitational 9:30am shotgun
28th      Spatz Group 9:30 shotgun course open
2020 Sunday Duffers Schedule
Meet at 2pm 2:30 shotgun

May 24th 1st one
June 21st
June 28th
July 5th
July 19
Aug. 9th  
Aug. 16th
Sept. 6th
Oct. 11th
Oct. 18th
Oct. 25th