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Men's Golf at Hanover Country Club

Harry's Hoodlum's - This men's group plays on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. You must sign up to play before 11:45, golf starts at 12:00. Teams are put together by handicap ABCD and strokes are given off the low handicap in the group each day. Most of these players have handicaps from 2-25. Group will, usually consist of 12 to 24 players. During the months Nov-March sign up by 10:45, golf starts at 11.

Wednesday & Friday Seniors- Choose-up that plays Wednesday and Friday mornings. Starting times will fluctuate throughout the year. Most players in this group are over 65 years of age and handicaps run about 20-36. You can expect 6-12 players in this group.

Men's Weekend Golf:

Men's All Events- This is the game of the week/weekend that takes place Friday-Sunday on many weekends throughout the golf season. You must play along with another or others who are members of All Events. The cost of joining the All Events contributes to the prize money that is awarded for each event. Examples of All Events could be point quota, gross/net, pick a partner etc.

Scratch Choose-Up- The Scratch Choose-Up group play Saturday and Sunday mornings. You must sign up in the Golf Shop by 7:45 and play begins at 8:00. The lowest handicap players for that day are appointed as "Captain", BCD players are then picked by blind draw. This group does not use handicap and/or net scores, hence the name "Scratch." It does not, however, imply the players in the group are all 0 handicap golfers. In fact, there is a wide range of golfers that play with handicaps spanning from about 0 to 20. This group could have anywhere from 12 to 28 at a time.

Saturday & Sunday Handicap Choose-Up- This is a great group for someone who is relatively new to golf and is in the 20-36 handicap range. They meet on Saturday and Sunday mornings around 8:15/8:30 and usually tee-off between 8:45 and 9:00. This group plays full handicap and will usually have 6 to 12 players.

"Weekend Golfers" Group - This group plays at 10AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Many of the participants in this choose-up also play in Harry's Hoodlums during the week. Handicaps can range from 14-30. This game is like the Hoodlums format where they stroke off the low handicap of the group.

Sunday Duffers- One Sunday each month we play 9-hole golf with a mixed group, all ages, all handicaps, men, and women. A different game is played each month. The game starts at 2:30 followed by dinner. You do not have to sign up to play, just show up.

The golf course opens at 8:00am Tuesday through Friday. On Mondays, the course opens at 11:00am, unless closed for an outing or event.