4 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game in the New Year

Do you have New Year's resolutions you're determined to stick to this year? Is one of them to improve your golf score? We get it! The new year is the perfect time to hone in, try new things, determine best practices and help improve your game on the green!

We're bringing you four tips to get your game on track and start the new year stronger than ever. So read on for ways to improve your game at Hanover Country Club

Create a Workout Routine (and stick to it!)

First things first, create a workout routine and stick to it! Golf is a sport that requires dedication, endurance, and stamina. By creating a fitness routine that will support your passions, you will add yards to your drives and keep your energy up on the back nine!

Create a balanced routine that works WITH your life, not against it, focusing on cardio and weights to target muscles and increase endurance. Set realistic goals and plan to increase them over time at a comfortable rate. By setting these goals and sticking to them with discipline, you'll soon see improvements in your golf game and overall life! 

Schedule a Lesson with Our Golf Professionals

We highly recommend this (even if you're not a member)! 

Our team of experienced professionals is passionate about our club and what we do. And they're ready to take your game to the next level! 

They can help pinpoint exactly which areas need work and give tips on how to get there. And we're grateful to have them with us!

Learn more about our dedicated team of golf professionals here.

Focus Less on Score, More on Technique

We know it's a challenge! And while many of us pull our hair out trying to lower our scores, let the new year be a time to focus less on your score and more on your techniques!

You started this sport for the love of it, so don't forget to enjoy yourself while on the course! Plus, most of the time, when you stop paying attention to your score, it usually improves!

Play More Golf (of course!)

Practice may not make perfect, but it definitely helps in golf! Regularly visiting the course keeps you (and your score) in shape and is a great way to get outside and meet new people within the community! 

Interested in becoming a member of the Hanover Country Club? We encourage you to join! We're celebrating our 100th Anniversary this year, and we'd love for you to be a part of all the festivities! 

Learn more about becoming a member at Hanover Country Club.