Golf Equipment you NEED this Winter

Brrr, it's cold outside! And while it's tempting to sit by the fire and wait for spring to come, we both know your score isn't getting any lower that way! 

We still have some time before the snowflakes fall. Be sure to take advantage and bring this beneficial equipment with you, so you're warm, comfortable, and capable of completing the back nine! Don't worry. None of these items will break the bank, and they're perfect to add to your Christmas list!

Waterproof Bag

When winter comes, so does the rain! Protect the equipment you've invested in with a waterproof bag that can get wet while keeping your equipment and personal belongings dry inside. 

Try a Firmer Golf Ball

While you may prefer a particular model of golf balls, we highly suggest trying a firmer distance golf ball during the winter season! 

A firmer ball can carry further through the air in colder conditions. And since you'll also be dealing with softer greens, this slight decline in feel, spin, and softness in the ball won't be a huge risk. 

Pro Tip: Keep your golf balls warm so they can fly even further!

Winter Caddy Wheels

We know many of our members enjoy using their electric caddies over the warmer months, but when the temperature falls, they tend to leave tracks on our beautiful course.  

To continue using them through the winter months without leaving a trail, we recommend using winter wheels to reduce impact!

Hand Accessories

When it comes to golf, your hands are pretty important! So keeping them warm and dry is critical, especially in the winter months! 

There are many products out there to help with this, but nothing beats hand warmers and a pair of waterproof weather gloves or golf mitts. The last thing you want is to not feel your hands and lose the grip of your club!

High-Quality Outerwear

Of course! To bear the dropping temperature, it's essential to invest in high-quality outerwear that will keep you insulated yet comfortable enough not to strain your swing. 

Luckily, golf apparel has a wide variety of outerwear with the technology to be thinner, lighter, and waterproof while still keeping you warm. You can also pick up additional accessories, like a snood, to protect your face from the cold winds! 

P.S. Remember to keep your core warm with a base layer!

Let us know if you recommend any game-changing equipment, and be sure to check out our Pro Shop for high-quality golf equipment this winter! 

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