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Now that you have all the proper equipment to brave the cold (see our previous blog), it's time to take on the windy winter days at Hanover Country Club! Read on for a few tips to help you survive the course this winter! Spend More Time Warming Up This simple but critical step is often overlooked, leaving many golfers feeling less than their best on the green. Before you even get to the club, we recommend trying a few stretches at home, then doing some light stretching right before tee time! Take your time when warming up on the range, starting slow with your wedges and working your way up to your drivers. Understand Winter Golf Rules Before you even step foot on the course, it's important to know the winter rules of your country club.

Brrr, it's cold outside! And while it's tempting to sit by the fire and wait for spring to come, we both know your score isn't getting any lower that way! 

We still have some time before the snowflakes fall. Be sure to take advantage and bring this beneficial equipment with you, so you're warm, comfortable, and capable of completing the back nine! Don't worry. None of these items will break the bank, and they're perfect to add to your Christmas list!

As the weather cools off and the pool closes for the season, we often see more people on the greens. 

Golf is a great way to get some exercise (there is a lot of walking!), spend some time with friends and family, and take advantage of the sunshine before winter hits. At the Hanover Country Club, we highly recommend making golf a family activity. 

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