As we get ready to celebrate the 100th Year Celebration of the Hanover Country Club, we’d like to take a moment to share a part of our history for our members to truly appreciate and understand the excellence that we’re so excited to celebrate.

Built in 1923, the Hanover Country Club golf course was built during the golden era of American golf, cementing its place within our community and evolving into the pristine golf club we all know and love today.

HCC was founded by members of some of the most legendary clubs of the time, including Augusta, Pinehurst, Pine Valley, and Oakmonth. The land started as a humble horse farm. The founders, though, had bigger intentions- inspired by these still-prestigious institutions. 

With tight tree-lined fairways, lush greens, and intentionally placed greenside bunkers and moguls throughout the course, we have truly grown into a club to be proud of. Later adding many new amenities, including the pool and tennis courts in the 1940s, our club continued to innovate and expand to accommodate its growing membership.

Today, not only are we a well-maintained club, we have an abundance of activities and opportunities for our members, including our dining room and kitchen run by James Beard-Nominated Chef Robert McGrattan, who hosts chef nights, creates our always-evolving menus and will be providing us with many delicious offerings throughout our centennial celebration!

And throughout the years, Hanover Country Club has not only served as a social hub but a central part of the community where we can come together to eat, drink, laugh, and play the great game of golf.

Look out for upcoming announcements of the awesome events we are so excited to experience with you, starting with our April Shooting Event and Croquet Events

You can see the full list of 100 Years Celebration events here.


Do you have New Year's resolutions you're determined to stick to this year? Is one of them to improve your golf score? We get it! The new year is the perfect time to hone in, try new things, determine best practices and help improve your game on the green!

We're bringing you four tips to get your game on track and start the new year stronger than ever. So read on for ways to improve your game at Hanover Country Club

Now that you have all the proper equipment to brave the cold (see our previous blog), it's time to take on the windy winter days at Hanover Country Club! Read on for a few tips to help you survive the course this winter! Spend More Time Warming Up This simple but critical step is often overlooked, leaving many golfers feeling less than their best on the green. Before you even get to the club, we recommend trying a few stretches at home, then doing some light stretching right before tee time! Take your time when warming up on the range, starting slow with your wedges and working your way up to your drivers. Understand Winter Golf Rules Before you even step foot on the course, it's important to know the winter rules of your country club.